Tantrums and Toddlers

10:30 AM

Oh dear... it's happening. My sweet, happy, perfect baby-turned-toddler has feelings that are just too big for him to know what to do with. Apparently, the natural response is to a) squat and yell with hands in fists, b) hit/throw something/someone, or c) flail all appendages. And I'm all sitting here like, what do I do with that? 

Clearly this isn't an OK way to act, but I get it. I do. Sometimes when I'm frustrated I want to do all of those things too, and he hasn't learned a better way to deal with it yet (aka screaming into pillows- er- patience). Milo is still too little to grasp time out quite yet, and my gentle reminders of "Milo, ask nice! Milo, say please!" are taking about as gradually as molasses.

So what's a momma to do? What's the best way to help your toddler learn some discipline and not turn out entitled while still making sure they know that you're sensitive to their feelings and needs? How do you start teaching this to someone who's vocabulary doesn't stretch beyond an arsenal of about 15 discernible words? Tell me all your secrets!

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  1. Oh girl, I totally know how you feel!! I justosted about something similar yesterday. Lol

  2. Chill break is they come and sit on your lap, and get to go when they have finally calmed down. If they're just crying, they don't have to go to chill time. But it's always available for them. They definitely get it if they're throwing things, hitting, etc. As they grow even just a little older, and you've taught them many times that hitting/throwing are not good to do. Then they get time out. We started time outs, like the chill break, in our laps. They get one minute for how old they are, but you gently increase from 30 seconds to 1 minute when they first start. We always end time out with an question to them of why they were asked to go to time out, then we give them a hug and kiss. During time outs it's always near me, a quiet spot, but not ever alone.
    Also...some tricks I've learned. As one of your friends suggested if you tell your kid to say goodbye, sometimes parting is easier for them. Even having to say goodbye to toys. I always give Dexter a 5 minute and then a 1 minute warning before leaving something, like the park. You may think Milo is too young to understand this, but he just has to learn by you doing it. It's amazing how much they understand already, or quickly grasp. So don't be afraid to start changes.