Extreme Hair Repair

8:00 AM

Once upon a time, I bleached my hair. White. It was fun, I loved it, and then I didn't, and then I bleached it again anyways, and then I dyed it back to brown. And I'm pretty sure I will never go (that) blonde again. They are not lying when they say that bleach will destroy your hair.

I got it cut about a month before going back to brown, to salvage what was left of it. And then I spent the next 3 months putting my hair in a ponytail and deep, deep conditioning every chance I got, and had a fix-up cut last week, which brings us to today:

Still damaged, but significantly less, and my hair is much more wear-down-able, hallelujah. I love a good ponytail but definitely not every day! And I'm so ready for this hair again (and the tiny baby too!):

So I need you to tell me all your hair saving and growing tips. I'm fully prepared to wait a year or two to bring back the long locks, but I want to nourish the heck out of it the whole time so it's strong (I have thin hair that breaks easily!). Ready? Go!

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  1. I use Coconut oil from the same company that makes Moroccan oil. You can get it at Ulta. It's amazing and makes my hair super soft while taming my split ends. Also a little pink bottle called 12 benefits. Had to find ways to maintain my long hair haha.