20-Minute Family Pictures

8:06 PM

I've been waiting for the perfect occasion to take family pictures. And then on Saturday, I was all, this is dumb. Let's put on some clothes and snap a few shots by the lake. So we grabbed our tripod and camera and headed out. It took all of 20 minutes and it has me fully convinced that we need to do this way more often. We don't coordinate, we're not in any special family pose, our hair isn't perfect, and we're not in the best shape of our lives and therefore ready for the perfect picture day, but gosh, I love my family and I'm glad we can document our life.

This one doesn't count. I just love Milo. And he loves this book. And he doesn't love pictures.
 This is what happens when Trevor doesn't know how the self timer works.
 This is my whole heart.
 And my sweet, sweetest boy.

Moral of this story: Take. More. Family. Pictures. It does not have to be a photoshoot. Just take some pictures!

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  1. We are awful about this! We actually took some a couple of weeks ago, and it was the first time we have done family photos on probably 3 years! Lol