Target Thursday: Maxi Mania

7:30 AM

After a hiatus last week due to important life decisions, I'm here once again to talk about my favorite place to shop, especially here in San Angelo. If there's one thing Target never lets me down for, it's their dresses. And since I basically live life in maxi dresses, I stock up whenever I find a great deal, which brings me to my pick of the day: this dress.


I may or may not have sprung for this dress in all 3 colors shown above. BUT! Here's my defense: They're so cute. They have a fun ruffle detail at the bottom that I love, and the skirt is super flattering. I don't love maxi dresses that are cotton and tight around my hips because they do me no favors and it's over if I eat a big lunch, so this cut is perfect. Good defense, right? ;)

They can be dressed up or down, paired with a t shirt in the summer and a denim or white denim jacket in the winter, and I am all about versatility. AND they're on clearance for $8 right now so, you know, run.

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