Milo the Munch

6:50 AM

Tell me I'm not the only mom who's baby turned into a full fledged toddler overnight? I know I say it all the time but he is learning SO much so fast right now.

Milo's newest word is "mmm! Ummy!" whenever he sees us eating. He's so coy with his subliminal messaging asking for a bite :). He also stands at the fridge and asks for his food this way. Funny, funny baby.

When he's done eating, he starts picking up pieces of his food and chucking it piece by piece across the room. Not quite as funny. It's like a race between me and that strong little arm. He must throw as many cheerios and smear as much yogurt as possible before I get to his little hands with the rag!

He also loves coloring now. It's so fun. Also poking holes in the paper with pens so... 
He got these little bath crayons as a gift when he was tiny, and I just barely broke them out yesterday. They were a hit. And just FYI according to Milo they do not taste very good.
 He loves to go bye bye and runs straight for the door every time I say it. I'm having to be more careful in narrating our days because if I let out "Milo, do you want to go bye bye?" or "Milo let's go in the bath!" before we're both ready, he gets mad!

He's getting shy around strangers, which actually makes it a lot easier to take him places sometimes! Keeps him nice and close, and sometimes I can even get a shoulder nuzzle out of him. Score.

He also loves looking at his books. He regularly climbs up into the rocking chair and breaks open a book. It is the sweetest thing!
He is still a champion napper. When he's awake, he is AWAKE and running and active the whole time. He still takes 2 naps a day a lot of the time (for about 3 hours total) or one long 3 hour one, and sleeps about 11-11.5 hours at night no problem. He wakes up at night still sometimes, but hey. We're getting there.

Other favorite highlights include growling at all bugs and animals and stomping on ants. OH this little munch makes my world go round!

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  1. Oh he is soooo CUTE! And yes! Growing too fast! STOP IT, kids! Mia was so super sick yesterday (poor girl!) but I kind of loved that she turned back into my baby by wanting and needing to be held and cuddled all. day. long. She even napped on me for over 2 hours... and she NEVER sleeps on me!

  2. We love bath crayons at my house!

  3. This sounds exactly like my 16month old, right down to throwing her food when she's all done. I don't know when it happened, one second she was a baby and now she's learning a new word every week. WHY do these babies insist on growing so fast?!