Early to Bed, Early to Rise

6:26 AM

It happened. I've officially become a morning person. I fought it hard for 4 years of early morning seminary, dance practice before school, college, early morning jobs, you name it- I was struggling. In my true nature, I have always been a night owl. I love the quiet after everyone has gone to bed, and I'm really good at burning the midnight oil. But since then, I've discovered that in real life, going to bed at 1 and waking up at 10 is just not going to cut it.

Last fall, I started getting on a better sleep schedule. Bed by 12, up by 9... give or take. I was still nursing so nights were kind of a blur (Milo took for-ev-er to sleep through the night). Then this spring when I started real estate school, I had another moment where I could see clearly that something in my routine needed adjusting so that I could free up naptime- my workout time- for getting through school. So I finally bit the bullet and started getting up early. As in, 6:20. This was major for me, you guys! And with that, I started going to bed earlier! 11! 10:30 even! And let me tell you. It's actually kind of glorious!

These days Milo wakes up around 7:30, so I get up at 6 so I can run and shower before he wakes up. Can I just tell you what a miracle it is to be on a good schedule? This way my day is started out and I knock out my workout before I even have a chance to realize I'm awake, and then I have all of naptime to get things done. And I only have to get ready once and I'm good for the day! And my metabolism is kick started first thing! And I go to sleep at a good time instead of wasting time late into the night!

Moral of this story: mornings are not as deadly as I once believed. Nothing helps me stay on track generally with life more than being on a good routine, and this sleep adjustment has been huge in so many ways.

If you're skeptical, you should try it. I've noticed a HUGE difference! And hey- it's always nice to be able to fall asleep easy :).

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