Tiny Tots

11:15 AM

That moment when you see pictures like these and realize the true magnitude of your lack of boobs:

I mean seriously. They were always small, but something about being pregnant and nursing just kind of made them deflate into little bug bites of oblivion. And I'm even wearing a real bra in these pictures. Whatever. At least you'll be able to tell when I'm pregnant because the appearance of anything will be a dead giveaway ;).

On a side note, in my mind, this is preferable to huge boobs (what little I did have when pregnant was not my favorite), and far more preferable to lopsided boobs (when I was nursing we had a little issue called right side produced like 3x more milk, thus rendering 75% of my shirts unwearable and making any writing across the top look like word art). I definitely prefer to be smaller chested, but let's all admit that this is a little ridiculous. You'll be glad to know that anything I had previously up there has generously relocated to my belly area. Thank you kindly, bod.

Hooray for teeny boobs! At least they're still perky. And may I hit puberty someday. Er...

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