Story Of My Life

9:18 AM

I'm basically infamous for my snacking ways. I would rather have small somethings all day than 3 big meals any day. Going out to dinner is great, but I'm much more likely to have some at dinner, some 2 hours later, and the rest 2 hours after that. Prolong the joy, am I right?!

Anyways, in honor of Friday and snacks, I give you some of my current favorites:
Pistachios (100 cal in 30)
Yogurt (I like Light and Fit Greek- 80 cal)
Cottage cheese with a little bit of bbq sauce (don't knock it till you try it! 100 cal in 1/2 cup)
Apples (80 cal in small)
Pretzels (100 cal in 50)
Pretzel crisps (100 cal in 10)
Baby carrots with low calorie dressing (about 100 cal for 6 oz of carrots plus the dressing)
Popcorn (kettle corn or air popped- I think it's 35 cal in a cup?)
Kix cereal (about 100 cal in a cup)
SlimFast protein shake (110 cal if you make it a slush with ice and water which I love after a long run!)

And my favorite not-so-great snacks (since pretzels and dry cereal are so great, ha!)
Jelly beans (duh- 40 cal per tablespoon)
Mike n Ikes (70 cal in 12)
Jaw Breakers (20 cal each)

As I've said before, I go through phases of what I eat. What's currently in your snack rotation? I'm always looking for ideas!

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  1. Dry cereal is my weakness. I had some absolutely terrible snacking habits the last month. I would take cereal and marshmallows and put them in the microwave and make a cereal treat. They were amazing but I'm really trying to be better now!

  2. I'm such a smacked too! I need to be better about eating he thy snacks and having them around. Otherwise I just eat candy and chips. I do love graham crackers and the 100 calorie kettle corn bags!