Me and My Toddler

11:32 AM

It's official. I'm the parent of a toddler. And there's a big piece of me that wants to just rewind to a year and a half ago, because it went entirely. too. fast. But oh my gosh. Milo is so fun right now. And we are having so much fun together. He's my best little friend! We can play so much now, because he knows how. Hide and seek, chase, cars... you name it, he loves it. We crack each other up all day long. And he can't hide his joy. When he's happy, it is so obvious. I love that about him. He can't contain his emotions in that tiny little body. When he's happy he smiles and throws his head back and gallops around and jumps and bobs. He laughs and his eyes sparkle. When he's upset his whole face is sad. He tenses up his arms and bends down to yell because we all know that helps situations immensely :).
This weekend we played and played. It is Trevor's last week before he starts his clinicals, and we are soaking in the last of our daddy time! Have I mentioned how much I love my boyfriend/best friend/partner in crime/giggle buddy/husband? I really, really love him. This last few weeks have been miraculous in the reconnecting department. After a few months of living like ships passing in the night, we were seriously in need of some family time to just be and step away from the crazy! 

We went to the park, the mall, the pool, and hung out at our apartment in between. Lots of legos and even more cars. Milo Heaven. He even helped me get ready for church by hiding in the clothes hamper closet. Also, get a load of 1. those thighs, 2. the mohawk, and 3. the outfit. I'm still trying to figure out how such a handsome boy came out of me. I know he's my kid and I'm totally biased, but I cannot stop staring at him!

Also, he totally gets shy around strangers now which equals instant cuddles. Today at the doctor he rested his head on me until we went in. At a showing he let me hold him on my hip the WHOLE time. Booyah. OH my baby. I love you, I love you, I love you!

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