Hitting Reset

9:46 AM

My eating habits are as follows:

I'm really good for a while.

Then I feel like I look kind of awesome so I let myself start eating more crap.

Then I don't feel as awesome.

Then I feel kinda squishy for a little while until I decide to hit the reset button.

Which brings me to my current position!

Not really beast mode. More like "fight the wiggles" mode.
After a summer of fun and transitions and a trip to my sister's house, I was in major need of a reevaluation of what I'm eating. I always keep a food journal, but I tend to get lax about measuring my food every now and then. And then a serving of pretzels turns into pretzel palooza 2014 and I'm grabbing 5 jelly beans every hour or 2 and reaching for the box of cereal while we watch Seinfeld for "a cup" of Kix (ignorance is bliss when eating out of the box until your pants tell you otherwise).

It doesn't take much, but I just have to redirect my focus on making sure what I'm putting into my body counts. They may be delicious, but empty carbs aren't going to do me any favors beyond a sugar spike headache. I remind myself of my favorite healthy meal and snack options, try to keep snacks to a minimum, and try to stick pretty close to nature. I've never been one to limit my amounts of fruits and vegetables, so those make the best healthy snacks in my mind. An apple and the fiber therein will go much further than processed carbs and sugar. I also eat a lot of dairy, which I know is frowned upon by many, but it's one of my main sources of protein since I don't like meat. Protein can be found in many forms (I eat pistachios and edamame daily!), but yogurt and cottage cheese are definitely in my top choices. And eggs- I love me some eggs!

I'm already feeling more energized with these little tweaks. It's amazing what taking care of your body the right way will do, isn't it? I've learned it time and time again, and still manage to forget cyclically. So here's to getting back on track stat!

What are your best ways to revamp your eating habits? I'm always looking for suggestions!

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  1. I'm pretty good at eating mostly healthy... I just don't buy certain foods that I know I can't stop eating (like chips, ice cream, and I never bake) But good grief. I can't turn down a treat! If someone offers or Eric asks if I want ice cream? You know what my answer is!