Goodbye Summer Vacation

7:17 AM

Ladies and gentlemen... I have survived 7 weeks of being away from my child in the mornings! Let me tell you. It was great to be able to immerse myself in real estate. Also, I have quickly realized that I'm really good at being productive from my own home especially when everyone in the office can't hear me sound like an idiot on the phone. Today marks the first day of Trevor being at his clinical for 8 weeks then back to school full time, and to that I say bring it on! I'm so ready to be a Realtor and a mommy at the same time and so, so, so ready to hog my baby to myself all day again. Of course there will be juggling. Of course we will be busy. I'm sure things will get crazy plenty of days. But I think I'm ready for it.

This morning, I woke up and ran, showered, got Milo up, we ate breakfast together, and we've been playing cars and legos ever since. At nap time, I'll hammer out all the real estate prospecting that I can, hopefully schedule a showing or two, and see where the day takes us. It was so fun having Trevor home for a while, and now I'm so ready to get back at it. Especially the "being with my munch all day" part.
I love my little partner in crime. We make a pretty good team.
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