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7:15 AM

Last month, my doctor recommended that I have an HSG test done to make sure my ovaries were open and that my uterus is shaped correctly. My insurance doesn't cover anything related to infertility, so it would have cost $800, and we decided to wait until we could scrape up the extra money. The nurse didn't make it sound critical, but the doctor told me later on (by that time it was too late in my cycle) that he highly suggested we have the procedure done. For the test, they inject dye into your uterus and put you under an x-ray so they can see the shape and check for blockages. According to my doctor and a few friends I've known to get pregnant right after the procedure, it often clears things out and acts as a treatment as well as just a diagnostic test.

So, when I found out I wasn't pregnant again and we were in Dallas, I called the fertility clinic in Frisco. They said I could get the test done for $300 cash and I went for it. Oh. My. Gosh. In case you didn't know, having dye injected into your uterus is not a fun feeling. I almost passed out and threw up and I was cringing about it for 3 days afterwards and I cried when I got home. Yeeeeesh. I still get the willies just thinking about it! But, it's done! And my uterus is normal! And my ovaries are clear! And the right side wasn't so clear at first and then cleared up with the dye! So, I think it was well worth it, even just for the peace of mind. I'm really so glad I was able to get it done for so much cheaper!

I do have one small frustration (which I'm probably a lot more irritated about than I should be). A couple of days ago, I got a bill in the mail for $25 for a precautionary pregnancy test they did right before I had the HSG done (I had already paid the $300 upfront at the clinic). 25 dollars. For a urine pregnancy test. Talk about adding insult to injury! I just really want to know what kind of pregnancy tests they use there that cost $25? I mean, I buy them at the dollar store. For a dollar. And I'm pretty sure you can order them in bulk from Amazon for like 20 cents apiece. And as a fertility clinic, I would really think they had an abundant supply of pregnancy tests floating around.

So I called, and asked what the heck I was paying for (it was not even a blood test!). Are they charging me a fee for the dixie cup I peed into? Or for having to walk the cup back to the desk? Or for whoever had to look at the piece of paper and decide if there were 2 lines or 1? Or for the postage and paper and envelope they used to mail me a bill for $25? I could have done all of those things. And talking to the clinic didn't get anywhere. So whatever. I'm paying $25 for a tiny piece of paper with only one pink line on it.

I should have just taken the dumb water bottle they offered me before the test. Cause that'll show em. Then again, that could have resulted in an additional $50 bill for whatever imported vegan kosher gluten free spring mountain melted glacier water they use.

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  1. I hate stuff like that! The $25 pregnancy test I mean. I have been in those situations before. Crazy!? By the way I lived in south Dallas before I moved to Ohio. I miss that area. I hope you find the answers you are looking for with all of this fertility business.