16 Months, REALLY?!

8:22 PM

Have I really been a mom for almost a year and a half? Actually, it feels like I've been a mom forever now. I kind of love it. I'm in the groove of chasing a toddler and I am in love with it. I'm also in the groove of hearing "MAMA!" accompanied by an urgent point and whine when he wants something :).

Probably my favorite thing he does right now is growling at animals/bugs. It is so funny. I've been trying to teach him animal sounds from a book he has, and mostly we just growl, so now he growls at all the real animals too.
He likes to run sideways with his head cocked. I'm not sure exactly how else to explain it. Then he spins.

He has the cheesiest little smile. He looks at me all the time and just flashes his little teeth. I am in love with it.

He's getting so good at going to bed without a bottle! I'm so proud.

He loves to stack things like cups and blocks, and he loves building his legos.
He likes dino nuggets, yogurt, nilla wafers, and sharing my apples. I bite off pieces of apple for him and then he eats them. He also always knows when I'm stashing a pile of mike n ikes, so he shares those too :).

He loves playing outside and running. He is such a boy.

He loves his lion, and I love that he loves his lion.
He also loves hitting and throwing... we're working on teaching the appropriate times and items for these things. (AKA you can throw a ball but not a car, you can give high fives but not slap heads...)
He likes to head butt us. I am ok with that.

He thinks eskimo kisses are so funny.

I know these posts are all getting to be the same, but here's my thinking- this is my blog for never forgetting anything about my little family. This is our journal of our life, and the place where I keep track of all the fun little things that are happening right now. For the creative writing stuff (and more regular posts), head on over to The Girlfriend Letters.

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