When Dad is In Charge

8:37 AM

Trevor is an extremely competent, conscientious, loving father. He is also a man. 
Yesterday Trevor sent me this gem. Here we have Milo wearing a pajama superman shirt and his nautical church shorts that have been on the floor in his room since Sunday. He is also sporting his award winning whining face. 

He thought Milo looked cool. Facepalm.
I want my mom. The struggle is real.

I'm glad my baby needs me. I need him too. I'm excited to pick up momentum with real estate and thankful for these few weeks I have to throw myself in. I also am really, really not enjoying being away from Milo. But I know it's only for a few weeks. Then we will be back to playing "where's your tummy, where's your ear, where's your nose" and dressing like we're not homeless. In the meantime, I guess since I love Trevor I can let him taste mommy life for 6 weeks. 

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