On Wearing Clothes Every Day

6:59 PM

So, I'm loving that lately I have a reason to dress up every day. Also, not loving the fact that I have to wear real clothing all day. I mean come on. Bras and pants? But, alas, I am in an office building. So I'm reevaluating all my favorites. 

Usually I'll alternate heels and flats, because it takes me a day in between to forget how sore my feet get on the heel days. I'm also really strategic about long shirts, pants with a comfortable waistline, and skirts. Sometimes I try something out that turns out completely awful, and other days I'm pleasantly surprised.
Yesterday I wasn't feeling the heels, and I wanted a long and warm skirt because for some reason, office buildings are always, always freezing cold. So I did this big huge knot thang. I haven't really decided how I feel about it yet, to be completely honest. But it let me wear my sandals with a ridiculously long skirt and that's what truly matters.

My biggest clothing pet peeves are pants that have to be constantly pulled up/readjusted (can be a problem with pants that are too tight OR too loose), having to pull at my shirts to readjust, and clothing that requires copious amounts of layers. What are your go-to's when you're trying to look nice all day and still be comfortable?

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  1. That skirt idea, is super cute. Well done!

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