If at First You Don't Succeed

2:59 PM

So, I've been known to drag my feet on a few things in my 16 months as a mother. For example, buying bottles that were bigger than 5 oz (I have no good reason for this), moving him out of our bedroom (I maybe cried), feeding Milo at a high chair, getting him to sleep through the night (ahem maybe still working on this one), buying him shoes and actually using them (this one too), breaking him of the need to be swaddled at night, getting him to learn to sleep without having to nurse to sleep... there are many. So many. I've had a lot of people advise me to do a certain thing at a certain time that was just truly too soon for Milo. I'd try it (I'm always open to advice of everyone who knows way more about this mom thing than me!), fail miserably, and decide that I'd wait a while, and then just kind of procrastinate until it was glaringly obvious that he was ready.

Yesterday I took Milo in to the doctor for a checkup, and guess what? He's doing so great. He's a little munch still at 6% for height and 21% for weight, but perfectly healthy and happy and hitting all of his milestones with flying colors.

It was only a little awkward when the nurse practitioner saw his bottle of milk on the exam table. Ummm. And then we had the conversation that it was time to be done with bottles. And my far too mushy self on the inside said, "but he's soooo cute with his bottle!!!" and then my logical mom self said, "it was time to be done with bottles like a month ago, slash 4 months ago". And what's more, it's time to be done letting him have milk in bed. Which probably should have never even been a thing, but he was underweight and would only drink milk etc etc so we chose the lesser of 2 evils and we all slept great for a good while.

You see, it's been a vicious cycle of him not being interested in eating his table food, but always drinking his milk, so we always wanted him to get at least that, and 10 cheerios won't REALLY make or break a kid. But last night I put him to bed with just a sippy cup of water (read previous attempt here) and he cried for about 2 minutes and then he slept. And then when he woke up in the night he cried for about 2 minutes and slept. And when he woke up this morning he was hungry! And he ate breakfast! And I let him loose with a spoon and yogurt! You guys, he loved it. He is so clearly so much more ready for this step than he was 3 months ago, and I'm so glad.

Also, funny story. My doctor mentioned the words "potty training" yesterday at my appointment. HA!!! She is just hilarious. We can talk about that in a year. Maybe.

I really think there's also something to be said for mommy intuition. You know when your babes are ready for certain things. And then sometimes you miss them being ready for just a little while and someone reminds you that you're making your life more difficult by not just moving on now that they're ready, and suddenly, they catch right on. I'm still new at this, and I've never had a toddler before, and DO YOU KNOW how many things there are to teach a baby?! I mean just think of all the colors, numbers, body parts, animals and accompanying sounds, letters... it's intense! Add to that basic human skills such as eating and not hitting and your work is officially cut out for you. I love this life. My baby is becoming a pro at being a toddler, and I'm so proud. So bring on the mac and cheese, messy naked babies at the table, and temper tantrums. Because along with that comes gradually more cuddle time, little words, and about a million other amazing and wonderful and perfect things.

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