HGTV Hopeful

3:41 PM

I feel so HGTV right now. Actually, I want to feel HGTV, but in reality, getting started in real estate feels a little bit like trying to walk against 100 MPH wind. But I'm getting there! And I have a fantastic support system, which makes all the difference.

My love for real estate came as a surprise to me. When I got my first job at a real estate office doing administrative work, I applied and took the job because it was the first one that I could get. I learned so much there. I learned that realtors are always on the phone. I learned that certain ones are flakey, and others are fantastic. I figured the kind of realtor I would want to work for, and in turn, the kind of realtor I would be.

Selling real estate feels like something that really matters, which I love. If I'm going to be a working mom, I want to be doing something I care about, and something conducive to also being a full time mom. The place people call home is so special, personal, and important. This is a huge life decision and I feel so honored to get to be a part of it!

House hunting for me feels like a treasure hunt. I want to find out the family's story. I love the process of figuring out what's important to them, what they care about, what will be a deal breaker. I want to find the perfect home in the best location with a great yard, enough bedrooms, a beautiful kitchen, and whatever else will make them fall in love with the house. It. Is. So. FUN!

I cannot wait for the first time I help someone find the perfect home and hand over the keys. Until then, I'll be working as hard as I can with my little sidekick Milo to get there (and watching reruns of House Hunters and Selling New York in between)!

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