Big Things

7:06 PM

I have this thing where I sometimes sense something big coming. Right before Trevor and I started really dating- long distance- I felt a big push to get my life in order and be ready for whatever was coming. Before we started trying to get pregnant with Milo, I had a feeling that it would be a bit of a long road. And right now, I feel it again. I feel like we are on the cusp of something major- maybe even a few major things. I don't exactly know what those things will entail, but I get the idea that things might get pretty intense around here for a little while.

The nice thing about this kind of premonition is that it lets me mentally prepare for what may be coming. It may sound vague and ambiguous, but we're working at a lot of big things right now. Real estate career. Physical therapy school. Raising a toddler. Baby #2. Church callings. All the while trying to scrape through on a "student budget". All things considered, there is some serious potential for a decent dose of mayhem to accompany it all, in whatever combination and at whatever time it may come.

Right now my main feeling is that I'm up for the challenge and thankful for whatever blessings come as a result. I'm ready to work hard, really hard if that's what it takes. I'm ready to be adaptable and make things work. I'm ready to juggle a lot of balls in the air for a while. I won't pretend like it doesn't scare me a little witless, but I know we will make it work. And I know we won't have to do it alone.

Here's to venturing into the unknown with faith and hope. Now I'm just wondering what exactly it's going to be... hit me with it, life!

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  1. Cool! That is interesting that you are "warned." You are amazing and can handle anything!