That Awkward Moment

10:37 AM

When every time you go in to the fertility dr. for them to administer your medication, the same nurse tells you about how she has 4 kids and got pregnant with the last one on birth control when she had a 3 month old. I mean she's told me 3 times you guys, 3 times. And then she asks how old Milo is... and when he's turning two... and I can just see her calculating in her head how far apart they would be each month that goes by... yes I know he's getting old and thank you so much for re-lighting that fire under my booty and I AM TRYING HERE LADY otherwise you would not be giving me this shot right now and can you please just inject me in peace!

When I'm carrying Milo around and he pokes my lady tots like a button and laughs about it.

When Milo laughs at innocent fellow shoppers from the grocery cart and also plays peek a boo with them regardless of whether they are looking. This is not awkward it is actually adorable.

When you ask the Target employees to please help you find the jumbo dump truck and it takes 4 of them + 10 minutes to locate one.

When you buy Kix "for the baby" and you eat way (way) more of them than him.
When your birthday cake is composed of Kellogg's rice crispy treats mashed together with vanilla frosting and it's all your dreams come true (tell me you don't want that).

When your other fertility drugs make you have hot flashes at really inopportune times.

When you part your hair on the opposite side and you have to re-train your cowlicks.

When your husband is all, when did you get that ___?
That was fun you guys. Let's do this again sometime, shall we?

PS: I have a hot date with my man tonight. Red Lobster and X-Men and I'm REALLY excited about it!

PPS: Happy Weekend!!!

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  1. Ha ha! Your son is cute and innocently funny! You should do a post on what a Fertility Doctor Should NOT say....I get it! I had one of those moments. My Fertility doctor at the time told me I probably miscarried because my eggs are old. If I had been in my semi crazy mind I probably would have, I don't know, told her off. I know I'm 38 (37 at the time) and all but really. But BAM and thank the Lord, He blessed my husband and I to get pregnant. That's a miracle in my book! We are 4 days away from 15 weeks..woot, woot! Thank You Lord! Okay, now have a wonderful, hot date and fun with your husband!

  2. Well hopefully there won't be a fourth time.
    I know the Target thing. I was actually too scared to keep asking. But if you have Aunt Suzie there, she has no shame in asking every single employee for an out of stock item. Great for Black Friday.