Running Feet

7:34 AM

True story: I wear every mile I run on my feet. I always have callous-blisters on my toes, and my toenails are the shortest of anyone I've ever known. I refuse to get pedicures because I don't want to spend money making my feet pretty when I spend an hour beating them up every day. I like it that way though. I wear my running feet with pride. They are a symbol of hard, consistent years of work. Every day it's an effort to start and keep going, and every day I'm glad I did it, which makes me able to do it again the next.

When I start my run, my feet always feel a little sore for the first half mile or so while they're warming up. It's like the blood has to get flowing, and then they get less stiff. I guess that's what they mean by a warmup, right?

While I run, my feet almost feel numb. They take me wherever I want to go and as far as I feel like traveling. It's liberating and they never let me down. Then, the moment after a run when I take off my shoes and walk barefoot is so satisfying. The next hour or two I can feel my morning run in my feet for the next little while. Call me crazy, but it's true. And it gives me a little sense of accomplishment.
Today I'm feeling lucky that I get to do this every day. I'm lucky for my nasty blister feet, I'm lucky for my serene time in the morning, I'm lucky for endorphins, and I'm lucky that my body keeps up with me.

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