Right Now

7:35 AM

It's normal to turn your grocery cart into a truck.
Letting my hair air dry

Waiting for Milo to wake up- he's usually been up for 2 hours by now! Sleepy guy :)

Trying to smack the fly that keeps landing on my arm

Nervous for my real estate test (a week and 3 days!)

Needing to cut Milo's mop hair

Relieved to finally have some good blood work news (because sometimes getting babies here is hard!)

And on that same note, feeling glad that round 2 of infertility stings a lot less thanks to a little munch named my Milo

Feeling sore from yoga the other night- I bruised my ribs big time and Milo playing the "bounce on mom game" doesn't help :)

Digging the naked diaper baby look

Hoping Trevor does well on his exam today, and feeling glad that he gets a break soon!

Sporting a goose egg on my head because I jacked it on Milo's closet cleaning out his diaper pail- I have a true penchant for injuring myself.

Realizing that being a toddler boy mommy gets pretty intense with all the face slapping and hair pulling and rib bouncing and toy throwing and jumping and dangerous situations that happen over here. Hoping I can keep my catlike reflexes in check so that he never actually manages to try to leap from the couch arm to his high chair tray or launch off the back of the rocking chair.

Seriously though- wake up already Milo... I'm ready to play!!!

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