If You Give a Boy A Dump Truck

7:23 AM

All of Milo's dreams came true yesterday, and by all of Milo's dreams I also mean all of mine. Milo got a dump truck. And this is like his thing. Hauling toys all over to all his favorite places is what Milo does. He's like a little construction worker. His best friend has a dump truck and Milo commandeers it every time he's at their house, and I die over how cute he is pushing it around with his tongue sticking out and his little bum bouncing around as he runs it all over the place. \\

So anyways. I've had my eye on this dump truck at Target and decided that since it was my birthday week, it was time (I am really good at making excuses). So yesterday I loaded Milo up and we went straight to the toy aisle- I mean we were on a mission- and IT WAS GONE. 

No, we don't want the smaller one. 
No, a wheel barrow is not the same. 

I asked an employee to see if there were any in the back (obviously this was life and death) and his scanner was broken. The next 2 people's were also broken. They finally found a scanner that worked, but scan showed that they had no more Jumbo Dump Trucks in stock. 

Milo and I were halfway out the store feeling embarrassingly bummed, when lo and behold, the toy department guy chased me down and told me THEY FOUND ONE! 

So, Milo and I will be busy pushing hot wheels and legos around the apartment all day if you need us. 

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