Hot Mess

3:38 PM

Do you ever have those days weeks where you keep running into stuff all day, and tripping, and being clumsy, and everything just goes a little wonky, and it's annoying? I do. I'll stub 3 toes in one day, drop everything I'm trying to carry, and just be a wreck. It's actually been a really great week, just funny. Oh life, right?

Tuesday morning I woke up with pink eye. Hooray. And realized I didn't have a contact case (I'm the worst- I ALWAYS sleep in them). And unfortunately, my glasses are like 4 prescriptions old so I can only halfway see with them. It makes things really exciting.
I'm also having a breakout that rivals that of a 15 year old, so maybe that will distract people from my pink eye. 

Earlier in the week, I left home for a bridal shower (and I was gonna be on time! Never happens) only to find that the road to the house was flooded and closed. So then I drove 20 minutes around town to the back way. I'm destined to forever be fashionably late.

 I put on these pants for the first time since a while, and realized they had a big old spot on the leg. Wore them anyway because I felt like it.
I was officially the lady trying to control her crazy child in the mall for the first time yesterday. And I was like sweating. Trying to check out and my little munch just wanted to run and run and run. I am definitely the mom of an active baby!

That being said, he was a champ this morning when I had to drag him to the doctor for a shot (I got the shot, not him). And watching him run around and be silly all day makes my life.
Oh, and my blow dryer broke the other day. Only happens once in a blue moon, but goodbye little purple conair. We had a good run.

Hopefully next week I'm 5% less of a hot mess.

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