Guest Post: Ashley

6:36 AM

When Ashley asked if she could add a post about body image a couple months back, I knew I had to jump on that offer. As a mother of 3, Ashley is an incredible example of the kind of woman I want to be! Enjoy :).

I want to tell you about the huge gift my parents gave to me.  They gave me a home where I wasn’t subjected to anyone but my mother telling me how to look. Growing up, we didn’t have magazines in our house. I never went to the mall with my friends. We didn’t have cable. In my parent’s minds these were all ways to save money. This wasn’t an intentional positive body image exercise (and we are not free from body image issues), but it has done me a great service.

I grew up and the only place I compared the size of my thighs to someone else’s was at school. The only time I saw a commercial for clear skin was outside of my home. In the rare occasions of being bombarded by what I “should” look like in the shopping malls, as an impressionable teen I was accompanied by the anchor of my mother, a constant reminder of our home life.


It has really impacted my life. To realize home can be a place where you can keep damaging influences out. It’s something I think about often with new avenues that open up to get this kind of stuff into my home. Am I keeping my home a safe place? Safe from ridicule? Safe from hurtful words? Safe from distorted thoughts about who we really are, as children of God?

I don’t believe body image issues are something that is going to go away any time soon. Even if I felt relatively safe growing up in my own home, I still have plenty of insecurities. Do I still delete pictures of myself? Absolutely. Am I self-conscious about the 20 lbs. of baby weight I still have to lose? For sure. They may make me feel uncomfortable, but I am learning to separate these things from how I view my worth, as a child of God.

And that is something I can take with me until I am old and grey. Through all those wrinkles and eyes that can’t quite see anymore. Through saggy skin and droopy eyelids. You can’t take knowledge of true worth away.

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  1. This is awesome and so true ;) I'm about a year away for starting my 30s and think about these things a lot. Thank you for sharing ;)

  2. Thanks Danielle! I wish we were in the pool doing water aerobics right now :) Miss you!

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