Gift Giving on a (really) Tight Budget

8:20 AM

It's wedding season! And graduation season! And let's be honest, it's always baby season, and birthdays are year long. On top of that, there's Valentine's day, anniversaries, Father's/Mother's day, Christmas, and countless other holidays and celebrations where gifts are traditionally exchanged. But here's the thing- historically, I'm a terrible gift giver. I've pulled the "I'm super poor" card for way too long and I'm just now barely starting to (try to) be better about it. But I'm learning that I can do thoughtful gifts on a tight budget without being tacky or totally lame! It's not a secret to anyone that we're poor students, but I'm also really good at finding deals, and the old adage "it's the thought that counts" is for real.
This weekend I gifted Milo this box. He was happy about it.
  1. Stay on the hunt for deals. Check clearance and keep a gift or two on hand for when you're in a pinch.
  2. When in doubt, $5 Target gift cards will never hurt anyone's feelings.
  3. Candy goes a long way (homemade is an extra bonus!).
  4. Hand made things can be inexpensive and really thoughtful. Some of my favorite gifts I've gotten have been free (massage from Trevor for Mother's Day- free but spot on!)
  5. In that same vein- time. Take your nieces and nephews out on an ice cream date for their birthday, just you two. They'll love it and it will cost a whopping $4.
  6. Pinterest! There are 238792 billion cheap, fun, awesome ideas on there. Do not underestimate the power of pinterest. Recipes and crafts until your head explodes.
Like I said, at this point, I'm a total amateur gift giver. So tell me all your brilliant and inexpensive gift ideas, because I'm a real adult with reasons to give gifts but I'm also a real adult with $0 :).

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