Travel Blues

7:03 AM

I'm going to be honest, this weekend was a little rough. I was so excited all of last week (month) to go to Dallas and hang out with my family this weekend, and the trip just did not turn out quite as I was hoping. The family part was perfect. My niece got baptized, my whole family minus our brother in Brazil was there, my sister had everything all planned out, and it couldn't have had more fun potential. But I got sick on Saturday which was SUCH a buzzkill. And Milo doesn't sleep when we travel. He's been that way his whole life. He has a hard time sleeping anywhere but his own home, which I get. He's my little homebody. He likes being at his house with his mom and dad, and he likes playing where he's comfortable and surrounded by all his favorite toys and spots. He's used to having me all to himself all day, and I'm always with him when he's awake. It's usually pretty quiet at home, and our daily soundtrack is our all-day conversation. He has such a sense for different surroundings. He starts getting overwhelmed with lots of people after not too long, and I can tell he just feels out of his element and a little unsettled.
I really love that he feels so peaceful at home. He feels safe with us, and I think I'm the same way. I'm secretly a total homebody too, and Trevor and I have opted for many nights in as opposed to going out or getting babysitters. Not boring, just content and happy.

I was having a big flash forward of when he's just a little older and gets excited to go to Aunt Sarah's house to see his cousins and play on their trampoline. Those kids are going to grow up and be best friends just as soon as Milo stops eating all their books and legos, I can feel it. They absolutely adore him. Nothing like being a mom and seeing my people love my whole world wrapped up in one tiny boy.

I'm glad that we're home, Milo is well rested, and so am I. But I miss my family. I've got a little trip to Dallas for just me and Milo cooking in my head right now, because 2 days and 1 of them sick was far too short.

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