Learning and Pictures and Friday!

7:39 AM

This happened yesterday:

I'm done with real estate school! Now I just need to study and study and study some more before taking my licensing test in hopefully just a few weeks!

I'm glad for this weekend and some time to catch up. Last weekend we were out of town and it always takes me some days to recover from being away, mostly because we get home and I play catch up on and I haven't slept and by the end of the week I finally have time to take care of the last of the neglected things. In this case, it's the kitchen... and the bathrooms... and the vacuuming... and the laundry. I have big plans for nap time. :)

So I send Trevor pictures of Milo every day. I don't want him to miss out on everything. This child is going to have such a great library of pictures of him! Makes me jealous of kids these days. Anyway, whenever I go to work, I ask him for a picture. I have some separation anxiety issues. Here's what I got yesterday:
Followed by:
Complete with food on his face (or is it? I can't tell due to the blur).

Trevor should probably drop out of PT school and become a photographer. Good thing I was only gone for an hour and 45 minutes.

Happy weekend!!!

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