Subjective Sizing

7:51 AM

I used to feel like clothing sizes were some kind of authority. I KNEW I was a size whatever, and that's what I would buy, and it would just be weird to buy a different size. Then I had an amazing realization. Sometimes I want it to fit different than the store thought I did. Sometimes I want to not be pulling and readjusting all day long. And so sometimes I buy an XL because 
I do what I want.
And seriously, an XS at one store fits the same as a medium at another. 
When I was pregnant, I stocked up on clothes a size up and it lasted me 9 months of growing. And after having Milo, I've kept wearing tons of my "pregnancy clothes" because I can! And because they work with and without a baby bump if I get a little creative.
So happy Monday. And may you embrace a "flowy just because" shirt now and then.

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