Oh, San Angelo

7:15 AM

We live in San Angelo, Texas. Oh, you've never heard of it? Neither had we until we moved here. It's a suburb of West Central Texas and at least 3 hours from the closest big metropolitan area. It's dry and isolated. And every now and then I have a day where I really miss things like shopping and restaurants and commercials that weren't made on powerpoint and newscasters that didn't have to click through their own slides on television. This morning I woke up and opened up the window shade to find 3 huge deer staring me in the face 3 feet away from me. We've already had 2 snakes in the house this month and sprayed for bugs (OH the spiders). Walking around the apartment in bare feet at night is like stepping in a field of land mines (read: scorpions). I've also seen more roadkill in the last week than anyone probably should in their entire life.

It's a different pace of life here. Most people are either here for 6 months in the oil field, 3 years in the military, or have been here forever and don't plan on ever leaving. People are kind and good and the epitome of country. I hear the words fixin' and y'all tossed around all day long, and anyone local has a sweet little southern twang. Everyone drives a little slow and owns cowboy boots. And the trucks... so many trucks. It's endearing really.

Except for days like yesterday when I start feeling a little claustrophobic. Sometimes we need to get out of the house, and there are about 2 places to go. The mall has nothing, the Target is tiny. I really miss shopping, you guys. Anyone who knows me knows I love shopping, and there is nothing here. Not even a Costco and I could REALLY go for some Kirkland brand animal crackers and ravioli.
Nevertheless, this is our life for the next 2 years. And we do love a lot of things about this place. Especially the people. There's something about embracing a new place and kind of life than you're used to that keeps life exciting. And there are things to be learned from everywhere. So Milo and I will make the most of running through our yard of dirt and do our best to dodge the dead birds. Ew.

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