My Favorite Things

7:37 AM

There are so many little Milo-isms that I never want to forget. Sometimes he'll do a thing for 2 weeks and then it phases out. His favorite things as of late:
- Spinning in circles. Which is extra funny because he isn't very steady :)
- The "flying the spoon into his mouth like an airplane" tactic is officially in full force. If that's what it takes to get that yogurt in his mouth, then I'm a plane.

- He likes to do the little "bububububu" with his finger on his mouth thing. If you know what I'm saying.
- He likes doing little fishy faces by opening and closing his mouth at people. So silly.
- He wants to like books so much. He picks them up, brings them over, and then when I start to read, he flips pages and eats them. It's progress though (and he sits on my lap!)
- He also likes to sit on my head and shoulder. I lay on the ground a lot when we play, and he likes to nestle his little bum right in my neck.
- EVERYTHING is a ball. I gave him Kix cereal the other day and he threw it and said "ba!". I can't really blame him- I mean- they are totally shaped like a ball.
- He dances to everything. The sound of the washer, anytime he hears music, any rhythm we make... I love it.
- He still likes to blink at me.
- He does this little hop-skip walk where he kind of prances and marches and moves his head up and down. I'll try to get it on video someday, but just know that it's adorable.
- He likes sneaking back into the laundry room and pulling all the towels off the shelf.
- Still loves the bath. He's learning a little better not to stand up, so he gets to stay in longer these days. Loves it.
- He waves by clenching his fist and opening it up now.
- He likes eating his teddy grahams laying on the floor. Goofy guy :)

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  1. Oh my goodness he is too cute!! Sounds like he is doing a lot of fun things :)

  2. That's so cute! It's so much fun seeing the different things they do at different stages isn't it? At the moment when I pretend to be asleep my son Caleb will come up to me, tickle me and say "tickle tickle", its the cutest thing. It's great that you're keeping track of all the fun things, I need to be better at that!

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