Milo's Life

2:58 PM

Milo is getting very... vocal :). He has learned that if he fake whines, he will get attention. Hoping to nip that one in the bud.

He also knows where the milk is. That boy is not a good eater most of the time, but he will ALWAYS drink his milk. When he's ready, he walks over to the fridge and pulls at the door until I come get his bottle. It's so fun to see him starting to be able to communicate with me so much better.

He can point! One of the things that has been funny for me to realize is that when I point, he doesn't know to follow where my finger is leading. He just stares at my finger. But now he points, and I point, and we all point at stuff. And it's a great thing.

I was afraid that he was going to be moving to one nap a day really soon, but the past few weeks have proved me so wrong. This little munch has been sleeping like a champion! He only wakes up in the middle of the night needing milk a couple of times a week now, which is wonderful. When he sleeps and we sleep everyone is happy :).

Always on my hip. And I like him there. He's squirming a lot less to try and get away these days, and he loves being able to see the action.

He likes giving kisses. And I like getting kisses. Big wet open mouth ones. With teeth. MmMmMm.

He is kind of over shopping with me in the stroller. It was only a matter of time. Boys will be boys, right? At least he still likes playing in the cart :).

He blew kisses! I've been trying to teach him that one for like 6 months and he finally got it. It's awesome.

Whenever I say, Milo, say hi! He opens and shuts his little hand like his life depends on it. And he waves to everyone in the store. And all the animals. And the grass. And everything. He doesn't shake his arm anymore, he just opens and shuts his hand. It's the cutest.

He loves barbecue chicken. Ha! I REALLY don't like meat and I'm basically vegetarian (now and then I can do canned tuna, and I am a total carnivore when pregnant). But if he likes it and he'll eat it, I can support that!

He likes to bounce on our bellies. Which is funny and also intense, especially if I just ate. But he's just so happy.

He talks so much. It's awesome. I'm sure I'll start realizing more and more what words he's saying!

I love his quick little feet walking around in his baggy shorts, and his little tummy, and how his hair flops because we need to cut it but I don't want to, and his teeny hands that always have dirt under their fingernails, and his cute belly button, and giving him kisses on his cheeks all day long. Love that Milo :).

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