Just Normal Stuff

1:55 PM

Trevor has been home all week! Hooray! We've been celebrating all week by getting our cars registered in Texas (finally- it's only been a year), watching Seinfeld reruns, playing with Milo, and running errands. And we hit up Red Lobster because they have this Fiesta Salad that is b.o.m.b. It's always so great to have Trevor home!

Milo has been busy running around picking up pinecones (and calling them "ba!") and shopping and flipping out every time he sees the ball rack (ba! ba!) and looking for his giant tennis ball so he can throw it and yell ba! all day long. It's REALLY adorable. Beyond that, he says daddy when he's looking for Trevor and Momma when he's mad/sad/tired. I think mostly I'm just glad I'm the one he wants when he's sad, but I hope he wants me when he's happy soon too :).

I like our normal. We get up, we have a routine, we play, we get things done, and it's fast enough that we stay busy, but slow enough that we can enjoy it. Just how I like it. Hopefully it lasts a while.

Have a lovely weekend. :)

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