Fresh and Fancy

8:27 AM

The older I get, the girlier I become. Or maybe I just allow myself to embrace my true girly self more and more without trying to fight it. A little piece of me hates to admit that when it comes down to it, I'd rather have running water when I camp and I have a true phobia of snakes (which probably has something to do with the time I found one in my closet). I'm not a total pansy, there are just certain things I prefer a little more clean and pretty.

However, I am not the least bit embarrassed about the fact that I LOVE feeling fancy. Maybe that's code for high maintenance tendencies? I'll deny it till the day I die. But as a wife of 4.5 years and a mom of 1+, I'm holding on tight to my commitment to never let myself go. Taking care of myself right and feeling beautiful makes me a better wife and mom, I'm convinced!

These are the things that make me feel fresh and fancy:

I love having my nails painted. I usually go way too long without painting them, but there's something about bright fingernails and toenails that makes the day a little better.

I like going to bed with the house tidy. I'm not a clean freak, but I do like things in order, and it makes me sleep SO much better.

I shave every day. I cannot stand stubble. I know it's excessive. It's just one of my things, you know?
I feel fancy every morning after my post-workout shower. I may be in sweatpants with wet hair, but there is nothing that makes me feel more fresh than a good run and a shower.

I love a good night in. When the windows are open and Trevor and I are both working or we give in to movie night, it's so calm and refreshing. This may also speak to my homebody side that I fought for years too.
I feel so fresh when I eat healthy. There is nothing better than going to bed after a good day of the right kind of fueling, and knowing you'll wake up sans sugar hangover.

Heels. When you're 5'1, you can wear whatever sky high heels you want and I feel like a LADY!

Dressing up. One of my soapboxes is that skirts are everything. And they are. Comfy and flattering and girly? Yes please!
Wearing sunglasses. I love me a good pair of shades.

What are your favorite ways to feel fancy and fresh? Or to combat feeling nasty and frumpy? Because let's be real- that's what I'm REALLY doing here. :)

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