Talk the Talk

10:18 AM

Teddy Grahams taste better when you eat them laying on the ground.
 Today is full of meetings and appointments, which is fine with me because Milo is a good sport about being carted around everywhere and I like having my buddy with me. He is definitely entering a phase where when he is upset about something, he will let me know it. He knows how to say "mama" and is getting very good at whining my name whenever there's something wrong. But I kind of get it. I think it would be pretty frustrating to have such a limited number of words (ball, dada, mama) so that you really can't communicate in many other ways. Hopefully this will encourage him to start figuring out more and more words. It's so fun to see him recognizing things and pointing them out and calling them... something... and I know he'll start figuring out more and more of their real names soon! And I can tell more and more that he understands a lot of what I'm saying. I tend to narrate our whole day... "Milo, let's go bye bye!" "Do you want your milk?" "Milo, say hi!"... and more and more I know he knows what those things mean. In the meantime, I'll be over here trying to figure out the world in Milo language so that hopefully we can meet somewhere in the middle.

Love him.

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