Being a Grown Up

8:33 AM

We've officially reached the life where a week off school for Trevor means we finally have time to get the cars registered, switch our residency to Texas (since it's only been a year... oops), and chip away at a bunch of spring cleaning projects and car repairs.

And there's other days like last week when you get golf ball size hail and suddenly you're $300 poorer because the storm took it out on your windshield.

And the appointments. I'm sending Trevor info about dentists while pulling off the bandaid from my blood draw this morning. All the while remembering that I need to make 2 other appointments for Milo.

And bills. Ugh.

And waking up before 7 and going to bed at 10:30.

We. Are. So. Old. Right. Now.

But don't worry. We're still fun. Last night we went on a hot date to Walmart so take that.

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