Things That Should Be Easy But Aren't When You're 1

8:01 AM

1 year olds. I've never seen something funnier. And I've never been so in love. And I have accepted that Milo rules the world. I've recently realized that some of the most mundane (and necessary, and frequent) tasks of the day are the most impossible exciting for us these days.

1. Spoon feeding. You know the scene in the Ocean's movie where Matt Damon has to get through the hallway while dodging lasers? That's how I feel about trying to get a loaded spoonful of bananas into Milo's mouth. There are hands flailing everywhere, leaning happening in every direction, and things within reach that I never though possible, not to mention the iron grip and impending fling of doom should his little hand happen to catch the spoon. There's a reason why I have yogurt all over my wall.

2. Diaper changes. For someone who has had multiple diaper changes every day of his life, Milo is really having a hard time catching on to how it works. The second the diaper is off, he grabs the side of the changing table, clenches his bum cheeks, and twists like his life depends on it. Then he stands, then he plays with the wipes, then he tries to step off the side and gives me a tiny heart attack, then he plays with the light for a while while I wrestle him into his diaper. It's normal to put on a diaper while your baby is standing, right?

3. Getting dressed. More often than not, I start putting an outfit on in his room and finally finagle him into the rest of it in the living room. I have no control. And have you noticed that I tend to put Milo in minimal amounts of clothing? I mean, baby leggings? That would take a year. We'll stick with the rompers for the time being because those 4 blasted snaps are going to give me arthritis before I see 25.
4. Church. Pews for an hour? Hahahaha.

5. Nose wipes. He's so little, and somehow there's so much snot. And when it comes to wiping his nose, he becomes an angry tornado. Which results in smearing the snot all over his face, which results in more wiping. Vicious cycle.
6. Taking pictures. Milo is officially a blur now. Maybe he will learn to stand still and smile for the camera someday. Until then, we can all just guess what he looks like based on clues from the pieces I am able to catch on a camera.

Oh that boy. I never knew it would be so fun.

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