The Off Season

7:57 PM

Completely unrelated picture of Milo sitting on his new favorite toy and wearing my new favorite jams. I MEAN SHORTS ONESIES?
Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE a good deal. Milo and I find our way to Target every Tuesday to check out the newly marked clearance racks. I get more excited about consignment shopping than anyone ever should. I'm a pro bargain shopper. Which is kind of a vicious cycle, because I get cheap clothes, but then I justify buying them because they're cheap. Eh.

Anyway, today my mother in law is visiting and we hit up the mall, because, what else is there to do in West Central Texas? Our mall has about 4 stores, one of which is Marshall's, which doesn't really count right? That's not even a mall store. So we found our way to Aeropostale, which always has their not-even-that-awesome-or-sought-after clothes ridiculously overpriced so they can slap a 60% off sticker on it. I found one pair of polka dot jeans there once, and that's pretty much it. But I always have to check the clearance racks, you know?

So today, en route to Aeropostale, we passed Victoria's Secret, and I daydreamed about the day when I can afford to wear VS sweatpants around the house (but let's be honest- will I ever be able to talk myself into buying a $80 sweatsuit? When I can find it at Plato's for 10?). I moseyed to the back of Aeropostale, fully planning on spending a total of 30 seconds in that store. And then I found the sale sweatpants.

These aren't just any sweatpants. They are drawstring. With elastic at the ankles. Which are my favorite kind. And they are so, so soft. And they all have matching sweatshirts (don't worry. I'm not planning on turning 45 and hanging out in matching sweatsuits all day. I have values). One jacket style and 2 pullover style. All with hoods and pockets. And the best part was that the sweatshirts were $5 and the pants were $4. I mean... do we even care if they're cute at this point?!

So I got them all. Oh my gosh. I know. Ridiculous and excessive and $27 so... totally worth it. Thank you, summer, for coming to Texas so that I could find a fantastic deal on soft sweatpants today. Because let's be honest... I wear a lot of sweatpants.

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  1. Soo I used to work at Target for three years in the clothing department and I would literally spend half my shift shopping. Every single time! Haha good employee right? You better believe I had first dibs on new clearance items! Oh and I also worked at Aeropostale too haha

  2. A recent random time I was walking our mall (cause you know I'm not an avid shopper at all) the Aeropostale was having an amazing flash sale. Their shirts were buy one get 2 free and the one to buy was also 50% off! I tried a few on, but unfortunately the cut of their shirts isn't for me. Maybe I should have checked out the sweats because they too were on sale.