Healthy Eating Tips by Whitney

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Today my lovely sister-in-law Whitney is talking about some of the tips and tricks she's learned in her journey to be her healthiest for herself and her family of 4. Love her and she has SO many fabulous ideas!!

Hey everyone! I'm Whitney, one of Danielle's sister-in-laws.
Danielle on the left, and I'm second from the right.
  Since January I've been trying to be healthier. It's been 3 months, and although I feel like I'm still just a newbie and working on things I wanted to share my favorite vegetable snacks.
One of the goals I had made for eating healthier was eating 5 serving of veggies a day. That was a lot for me...I was starting with maybe 2.
I set the rule that 1 snack is veggies, at least 1 serving for lunch, and I have 3 for dinner.
My favorite way to eat the veggies as a snack is in a green smoothie.

 There are so many ways to make this. I love to make strawberry ones, berry, strawberry lime, and my all time favorite...peanut butter chocolate.
I don't use recipes, but go by what I have and is easy. Usually in the basic shake I throw in:
Vanilla Greek Yogurt
Milk or Almond Milk - I like almond milk for the fact that it's 30 cal vs 100 calories for one cup of milk, and that it has tons of calcium and other vitamins.
Spinach Cubes -I use spinach as my green. To make it really easy for me, I keep spinach cubes in my freezer. Then when I want this sweet, but healthier treat I just plop them into my blender.
Bananas (Regular or frozen) - I prefer frozen so it makes it more cold and icy in the smoothie

Then put in your add ons.  For my favorite it's:
Peanut Butter
Dutch Cocoa Powder!

Chocolatey goodness.  And just a little is needed.
 Blend it all up, and yummy smoothie! Although, it doesn't look appetizing, I can assure you that this one was great tasting.

 My two other favorite snacks using vegetables are:
Homemade Salsa & Chips – just have to watch how much I eat because I can devour it. Good thing tomatoes count as a vegetable.
Carrot sticks & Ranch – I slowly added to the amount of carrots since this isn't my favorite, and I started even trying snap peas. Not too bad.
I'd love to try new healthy snacks. What are your favorite ones?

As I said. I'm definitely still learning, but I feel great with the new changes. As I've been working at making new habits I noticed that I have a couple rules for myself.
1. Start simple
2. Work hard
3. Don't worry
Start simple
My main goal of being healthier has many parts to it. Eat healthy, be more active, etc. However, I was feeling overwhelmed when I thought of having to do all of that at once. Instead I chose one thing, eating healthy, to start with. Even with that I it broke up into chunks that I slowly build upon. It took about 3 months to finally feel in control of the eating healthy, and now I have incorporated some activity.
Work Hard
Remind yourself of your rules often, or even write them down. Then just do it. Get support from family and friends. You can do it! Don't forget to be happy and applaud yourself when you're accomplishing the goals.
Don't Worry
Let me say it...I'm not perfect. I try hard to eat healthier, but there definitely are mistakes I make on my rules each and every day. Stressing about that mistake to me is worse than, just moving on. Stress is not healthy and may create even more fat. Probably more than that chocolate I just indulged in. So brush it off, know you aren't perfect and keep working hard. If you keep making the same mistakes, start with adjusting your rules and make them simpler for you.

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