Friday Things

7:40 AM

In no particular order of importance, and with zero rhyme and reason, welcome to my brain this Friday morning. Here's what's in it:

I'm bleaching my teeth right now, which to me is a necessary evil. It makes my teeth SO sensitive and the stuff tastes so nasty. However, a lot of time and money went into making my crazy crooked teeth beautifully straight, so a $20 round of whitening every now and then is well worth it (and one tiny way to thank my parents for being conscious of my extremely messy adolescent smile). Also, kudos to Target's off brand whitening strips, because they are so much less gunky than ones I've used in the past!

Milo likes graham crackers. He is surely my child.

Mom, stop eating my graham crackers.
It's about that time of year again where I have to start watching my apartment for scorpions and snakes. This is Africa Texas.

If I don't get the tightest buns of my life from Insanity, I'm going to be mad because holy squats.
I made a big decision the other day and put Milo in a t shirt and shorts without a onesie underneath. I know- we're getting crazy over here.

I've had bouts of insomnia for my whole life, and I'm having one right now. Not a huge deal because it's really not making me tired, but still obnoxious to have it take a long time to fall asleep.

General Conference is this weekend! My soul really can't wait.

I tried to put up thermal curtains this week because our west facing windows turn our apartment into an oven in the late afternoon. They look completely ridiculous. My window is huge and my tension rod was too short and the curtains were too narrow and I hung them with an extendable painting pole in a moment of desperation. So that's another failed move at domesticity that will be hopefully making some progress over the weekend.

And last but not least, Milo is Trevor's twin. And he is a goof. And I love him.
Happy Friday!

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