Change of Pace

8:29 AM

You guys, things are getting different around here. I'm getting my real estate license (yay!) which means school (online!) and the ideal mom job that will give me the chance to make more money (so maybe we won't die the next 2 years while Trevor is in PT school!). I'm so excited! And nervous! And excited!

Monday morning, right after I registered, I was on a walk with Milo and kind of thinking about my schedule and the logistics of it all. Focusing on school with a little munchkin running around is not going to happen, so school is going to need to be done during nap time and in the evenings. I don't want this to take a toll on Milo or his momma time, and I'll also still be trying to fit in as much marketing work as I can during school, and trying to keep an apartment in good living condition, and maintaining a workout schedule, and working with the young women in church. Plus during this walk I was PMSing and saw a snake on the street. And then I had a minor freak out.
So I called Trevor. And you know what he did? He said he'd start waking up early with me so we can do our workouts together in the morning before Milo wakes up. And he said he'll help me keep the apartment clean. And he said Milo won't be any worse for wear because he'll be getting so much love from both of us all the time. And he helped me realize that it will all be fine, and that he was on my team. What would I do without him?
So there it is. I'm hoping to get through the licensing before my birthday on June 24 (I'm 6% done with the school part!) and hit the ground running with my awesome team I'm joining up with this summer when Trevor has time off school. That way, I'll be able to figure out what I'm doing and be fully ready to sell 100 houses with my little assistant agent Milo by my side. We make a good team and I'm excited for everything that's coming!

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  1. Cutest little fam bam! Congrats Danielle! It's great when you can find a way to do some work from home. It's crazy and insane, but worth it! :)

  2. What a sweet family!!!! Love your blog, congrats on your license!!

  3. Little munchkin Milo looks cute with the backpack!