Bad Ideas

9:15 AM

Sometimes when you're a mom, you make questionable decisions. It's just how it goes. One time I bounced a little soccer ball off his head ever so kindly, and he was afraid of it for a month. Sunday I decided not to put Milo down for a second nap because he slept so late earlier in the day. Then he was in a fantastic mood by 6, went to bed at 7, and was all thrown off for the next 2 days.

Milo keeps doing this thing where he throws up his milk in bed. I think it's the combination of switching to cow's milk and all the extra mucus he's had the last few weeks with RSV (read: months- this boy has been a snot factory all winter) so last night I decided in all my brilliance to put him to bed with water and just see how it goes.

Milo singlehandedly proved a scientific fact that water literally walks through the digestive system of babies. Apparently the distance from Milo's mouth to his little bladder is about thisclose and he was thirsty! As I held him on my hip by the sink and refilled his bottle with more water (face palm), I started feeling water dribbling down my leg from his diaper. I have never changed such full, clear diapers in my life.

SO formula it was. It's ok that my baby might be on formula for an extra 6 months, right? If it helps keep him from puking 4 times a day, sounds like a plan to me!

Here's my take on motherhood: I improvise. I guess. I do a lot of trial and error. I try to read this little mind. Sometimes I get it, sometimes I'm way off. But hey! 1 o clock is another attempt at getting my child to eat, 4 o clock is another nap time, 5:30 is another playtime, tomorrow is another day and another opportunity to see if something else works. And just about when I think I've got a good system down, he up and changes. Nothing to keep you on your toes like a little tiny person.

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