Workout Wear

7:46 AM

I’ve never been a huge workout wear enthusiast. Yes- I like being comfortable. No- I do NOT like spending a fortune on clothes I’m going to sweat in.
These are my requirements when it comes to workout wear:
-Sleeves to at least the elbow, because wiping forehead sweat on a sweaty upper arm is gross and not very effective
-Comfy pants or shorts with a non-restrictive waistband. Elastic- fine, as long as it's not constricting my waist too tightly and giving me extra jiggle to distract me from my run :). But anything uncomfortable and not stretchy is a no-go.
-A good supportive bra makes a world of difference!
-Running shoes (duh). More on this soon.
-Hair pulled back. Elastic headband? Fine. Bobby pins? Sure. But hair sticking to my sweaty face will just not cut it.
Plain t shirts work out just fine for me. But pants I’m a little bit more picky about. And that, my friends, is why I was so thrilled to find these:

I've been on the prowl for a decent deal on some good workout pants for SO long. As in years. I love Champion's C9 brand at Target, but I haven't been able to find good pants for under $20, and I knew they had to exist somewhere. I'm glad I held out! These pants are 90 Degree by Reflex. I found them on sale at Marshall’s and may or may not have gotten multiple colors and lengths (capris are RBX brand, but they are the exact same cut, colors, etc), because sometimes you want capris, and sometimes you want gray, am I right? They are the perfect thickness (not see through! Hallelujah!), stretch, they pull up high (almost to my belly button, which I like!), suck everything in (think compression pants), and they even have a little hip pocket for a key, phone, or credit card.
My take-home message: Good gear is essential to getting your sweat on! Keep your eyes peeled for good deals, and stock up when they come around! You’ll be glad you did!
Added bonus :)

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