Wednesday Confessions

8:51 AM

Life is so fun, and also, life is so funny.

I confess that Milo's favorite toy this weekend was an empty Kix box.

I confess that more often than not, I wipe Milo's nose on my T shirt sleeve.

I confess that I got a little desperate while getting ready the other day and I let Milo play with my bra.
I confess that when I'm doing Insanity, I sometimes usually sound like I might die.

I confess that there are pretzels and banana wheels permanently ground into my carpet.

I confess that Milo was talking in his crib happily for at least 30 minutes this morning before I went and got him.

I confess that I eat jelly beans every night (starburst tropical flavor). I also confess that when measuring out my serving of said jelly beans, tablespoons magically get a little bigger? It's weird.
I confess that last week, Milo threw up in the car on the way to walmart and of course I didn't have an extra outfit, so I cleaned him up in the car and carried him through the store in his diaper. Classy!

I confess that after I washed his carseat cushion following above incident, I was a little bit too proud of myself for being able to get the carseat put back together. They do not mess around when they string those straps!

I confess that I took Milo to a meeting last night and the first thing I did when I got to the girl's house was shut every door and hide every trash can (but not before Milo found an empty milk jug that he proceeded to walk around with for the next hour).

I confess that I'm really into this bird shirt:

Happy Wednesday to you! If you need me, I'll be wiping boogers and baby bums :)

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