Sick Babe

10:03 AM

We have to count ourselves lucky, because Milo has been super healthy since he was born. Besides a couple of little colds, he's dodged the sickness bullet pretty well this past year. Unfortunately, his streak is now broken. Poor little bug has RSV and an ear infection. He's been sniffly and congested for a while, but it got croupy on Wednesday and now he's on breathing treatments every 4 hours and taking amoxicillin twice a day.
Milo hates amoxicillin, which I don't get. I used to love that stuff.
The nebulizer goes either really great or really awful. The first time the doctor did it in the office, and Milo was beside himself. It was loud, there were a lot of people in the room, he had to be constrained... not fun when you're an active little guy like him. He does better at home. Thankfully he doesn't have to wear the mask, I just hold it close to his face. The best way to do it has been for him to stand in his crib and me to follow him around with the mouthpiece. Once I got him to sleep through it, and once he drank his milk through it. Crossing my fingers that will happen again!
In the meantime, he's taking lots of naps (SO glad he is sleeping well!), getting lots of hugs, and staying nice and warm and inside. Hoping he bounces back quick!
Always watching out the windows :)

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