Reset Button

7:26 AM

For the love. I CANNOT figure out why I've had such a hard time getting going again after our trip. Or maybe it has something to do with the fact that I kept staying up until 1 in the morning while we were out of town? Anyway, we got home Thursday morning at 2 a.m. and ever since then I've felt a little bit like a zombie. It has made me very reminiscent of these days last year when Milo and I were having all night bonding sessions and I was sleeping like 5 minutes a night.

This weekend was just the reset I needed. Laundry is done. Unpacking is done. Shelves are reorganized with boxes my parents brought us 3 months ago (oops). Lots of play time with Milo in our jams. And this week I'm ready to be back at it instead of almost falling asleep at 9 every night (8-bedtime is usually when I work, so let's not talk about how "work" turned into "The Bachelor" more than once last week).
Oh, and I started Insanity again on Thursday. And I've been deliciously sore every day since. I'm not doing them in order, just whatever I feel like doing that day and as many ab days as I can because mine have never been more mushy. I did Insanity a few months ago and fizzled back to just running after a couple of weeks. This time I'm feeling a lot more motivated to get some muscle tone and switch up my workout routine, and I'm loving the challenge so far!

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