My Awesome Someday House

9:19 AM

I've been off by a day all week. Tuesday was Wednesday, Wednesday was Thursday, and today feels like another Thursday. Not that it makes a huge difference, other than making things confusing.

I am currently loving this article about simple things to make your house awesome. Working in real estate has my wheels constantly turning about exactly what I want someday when we buy a house. Good thing I have plenty more years to dream about it :). Mine will be full of bunk rooms, hideaways, a swing in the kitchen, cozy nooks, and neat storage spaces. I'm all for utilizing space and having great places to read, easy access to outlets/cabinets/storage, and unique/smart uses of space.

A few of my favorites:

We have 1 year shots later today, so I plan on lots of baby cuddles this afternoon. But let's be honest- Milo is usually far too busy to cuddle, even when he gets shots. Hoping he's feeling like a trooper today!

Happy Friday!

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