Momiform: Sweater Love

9:16 AM

Some days are meant for giving your hair a break from the straightener, throwing on some canvas sneaks and a sweater, and working the jeans. Milo and I take a lot of pictures around town for work, and walking shoes + comfort + a get-ready-quick ensemble are a must. Exhibit a:
I openly admit that I have a thing for crewneck sweaters. I snag one every chance I get. They're perfect for cozy days, light enough that you don't get overheated, cute enough that they're not frumpy, and they offer a little give room around the post-baby permasoft tum area.
Meanwhile, we're still working on the shoes thing for Milo. At least he's wearing socks now, right? They do. not. stay. on. And seriously, have you ever tried forcing wiggly little scrunch toes into shoes? It's like a workout! Oy. One step at a time.

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