Milo's Birthday Party

2:34 PM

He's one, he's one! I can hardly believe this time last year I was in the hospital having the best day of my whole life! I daydream about that day all the time. So surreal and words can't even describe how it felt to meet my little Milo! 

I've been ridiculous and emotional about this whole birthday thing. I'm not completely sure why it's getting to me like it is, but I just can't believe the whole first year already happened! I've never done anything more fun and wonderful and indescribable as being mommy, and I'm so glad it never has to be over. Whew!!

We celebrated Milo's birthday earlier this week while we were in Kansas. I love my sister so much. She helped us make Milo's birthday so special. It was so fun to have his cousins there to share the fun! And she's a pro baker/cake decorator, so she helped me make this cute little lion cake for my little lion boy to smash:

 All the cousins!
 He took a minute to get crazy with it, but not that long of a minute :) He was totally into that frosting. Truly a boy after his momma's heart.
 He got a grocery cart from Aunt Sarah that he is in LOVE with, and some Duplos and a container (Milo's dream) from Grandma and Grandpa.

 So fun celebrating with everyone. This boy has so many people wrapped around his little finger, and so many people who love him! It makes me so happy to see him loved and happy and secure. Here's to a whole year of Milo!

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