Milo at 1, Us Right Now

9:33 PM

I know this family blog has really taken a turn for the baby side of things in the last little while, but let's be honest, Milo is the most interesting member of this family and it's his little mannerisms that I'll want to remember in the years to come (and he changes so fast!).

For the record and in case you're wondering about our life, here it is in a nutshell: Trevor is in school, I'm being mommy and working part time with my munchkin, we are madly in love, we're obsessed with Milo, it's hot outside and I like it, I hit a snake with the car the other day and it was gross, I'm working with the young women, Trevor is in nursery, Trevor works part time as a graduate assistant, we're really poor, Texas is fun.

Milo, oh Milo. He is so fun. And funny. And little. And charming.

His favorite things right now:
- Waving at people. Once you start, you better be ready to wave back and forth for as long as you're within eyeshot. It is humanly impossible to leave that little tiny boy hanging.
- Milo thinks the church chorister is waving at him. So he smiles and waves at her for the whole hymn. I die.
- He likes to squint his eyes at people. He blinks at me. It's like we talk through eye squints. Hilarious.
- He loves playing with pans and wooden spoons.
- Watching us cook.
- Drinking his milk
- Throwing his food on the floor
- Water bottles. Still happening.
- Being held. Or not being held. Depends on the situation and how much stuff there is to explore.
- Running around in open spaces. We took him to Sam's Club aka baby heaven the other day. He was screaming with joy and running around like his little life depended on it. And then he wanted to play with the wine bottles so that needed to be over.
- He loves sailing in the cart. And proceeding to wave to everyone. Or laugh at them. Sometimes he stands there and just does little "hmm" giggles at everyone he sees, whether they're looking at him or not. It cracks me up so much.
- The little "squish squish squish" sound of his diaper while he runs around kills me. I love it. He's just such a busy little bee!
- Looking out the window
- Talking. He talks ALL day. So many important things when you're Milo!
He's always SO content to play when Trevor and I are just talking to each other in the family room. We have the whole open area of our apartment Milo-proof, so we spend our day out there. When Trevor gets home and before he studies the night away, he comes and plays with us, and we just talk. Milo will just walk around happy as can be. I love how attentive he is and how content he is when he has his mom and dad just there. He is so comfortable at home.

He's also so good when I take him to work with me. We take pictures a lot (he rides around the houses in the stroller), and maybe once a week I take him in to the office for a meeting (knowing that he has about a 30 minute expiration date on being happy eating marshmallows and playing in the stroller with new things I hand him every 90 seconds). He's such a trooper about it though, and I'm so glad I can take him with me everywhere I go! I also have a couple of afternoons a week when Trevor is home early that I go in for about 2 hours by myself, so usually I try to get all the office stuff done then. The beauty of this job is that I can do it mostly from home after bedtime. So ideal!

I love, love, love that little munch!

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