I've got the itch...

7:43 AM

To go blonde again.
Big hair changes tend to coincide with times when I'm having a lot of emotions. Blonde was when I wasn't pregnant and a few other things were (a lot) crazy. Back to brown happened when I was finally pregnant and really sick and really happier than words can say (and really hormonal). Short hair was because Milo could grab my hair, so that one doesn't really count. And right now I'm feeling the blonde again because I've been working through some good changes in my life and my baby is almost one so obviously I'd better dye my hair about it.

Now somebody talk me out of it, because being blonde is really expensive. 

But it's SO fun! And I fully plan to accompany that blonde with a tan as pictured, because I haven't gotten even close to that much sun for way too long.

Oh the internal struggle that is hair. :)

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  1. You can tooootally pull off blonde, why not take advantage of it?? Can't wait to see you and Mr. Milo!

  2. Go for it!! It'd be perfect for the warmer weather coming up!

  3. Hair can be fun or a pain. For a lot of my life I went with straightened hair but then it left me with no body in my hair. Then I started to wear wigs for a bit and that was fun! But then one day, I ripped the wig off my head and said I'm done! I washed my hair (by then it got it's body back) and there were some beautiful curls that I didn't realize I had. I'm sticking with it until I get my hair twisted (but it will still be curly when they are taken out). Do what you think is easiest for you and what you feel freer with! Side note: I did henna my hair. (Sorry for the long comment)